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Using cheats for Virtual Families 2

Virtual Families 2 Cheats

Virtual families 2 is one of the most fun, engaging and addictive games I’ve ever come across on my iPhone. The game is so fun that I have spent more money than I’d like to admit on micro transactions. Recently I was doing some research on what the best careers are in Virtual Families 2 and in my search I stumbled upon these Virtual Families 2 Money Cheats. These Virtual Families 2 Cheats I found allowed me to obtain as much money as I wanted in Virtual Families 2 without having to spend any money. Once I found these Virtual Families 2 Cheats I stopped looking at which careers in Virtual Families 2 paid the most money because I didn’t need more money. The cheats had given me all the money I would ever need and if I ever needed more I could just generate more! I decided to just pick a career that seemed fun to me instead of focusing on what paid the most money.

Using cheats to improve gameplay

In Virtual Families 2: Our Dream house a lot of things cost a lot of money and it can be quite tedious to obtain enough money to do what you want. For example, in the game you can have babies. When you’re making babies on Virtual Families 2 you have a chance of getting twins. However, getting twins requires you to have two thousand dollars in the game in order to buy an item called a baby booster. You need 4 of these baby boosters and they cost 500 each and when using all 4 of them you’re not even guaranteed to get twins! Normally getting the money required for the baby booster in Virtual Families 2 is very hard and not getting the desired result is disappointing. However, when you use the cheats you can buy as many baby boosters and try as many times as you want.

That’s just one example of how using cheats in Virtual Families 2 can improve the gameplay experience. There are many more examples. Almost everything in Virtual Families 2 costs money and money is hard to get if you’re not using a money generator.

Are these cheats free to use?

I was wondering the same thing when I first stumbled upon them. After all, why would someone create such a great website and offer it for free? However, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Virtual Families 2 cheats they offer are available completely for free. I didn’t even have to complete a survey to verify that I was a human. It also worked on both my iPhone and my girlfriend’s Android device.

Also, if you’re wondering whether using Virtual Families 2 Cheats is safe then you can rest assured that they are. I used them about a week ago and my account has not been banned or anything.


In conclusion, there is no reason not to use Virtual families 2 Cheats if you’re a fan of the game. They will make the gameplay much more enjoyable and your bank account will thank you! I only wish I knew about them sooner before spending hundreds of dollars on the game!

Trauma Center: Under the Knife and Much, Much More

Trauma Center: Under the Knife

Trauma Center for the Nintendo DS is unlike any other game on the market, except perhaps the same game for the Wii. This game fully utilizes the touch-screen in a way unrealized by previous developers.
In this game you play Derek Stiles, a young surgeon trying to realize his place in the medical world. At first he is painted as inept and doomed for failure, but when a new form of bioterrorism comes around he finds that he is able to step up to the place and face the problem head on. He is assisted by his knowledgeable surgical assistant Angie, and a host of other doctors.

The game itself is essentially comprised of two parts: a surgical simulator, and an intriguing (and perhaps not too far-fetched) plot. Obviously the surgical simulator does not completely touch base with reality: surgeries are completed in five minutes, there is a magical antibiotic “gel” that seems to be a cure-all, and obviously a two-dimensional surface cannot even begin to compare with a three-dimensional one. But once you get past that completing the surgeries is incredibly fun, and requires a surprising amount of dexterity.

During surgery you are able to use tools such as suturing needles, bandages, and of course, the scalpel. An example of a surgery early in the game is removing tumors from a patients stomach by making an incision, scanning with ultrasound, excising the tumor, draining the fluid, healing the incision, and closing up. Most of the initial surgeries are fairly straightforward, but their difficulty increases as the game delves deep into the plot.

The plot seems to play out slightly like an anime series or something of the sort, which makes sense given that the game was originally developed in Japan. The animation and scene transition style also seems to be in a Japanese style, but not quite as obviously. I was slightly bothered by the anime-like resemblance of the game, because it seemed to encourage some unrealistic plot devices. In addition, because the game became so highly involved in plot-related surgeries, after getting through about 1/3 of the game there are no normal ones left.

Another aspect of the game that I did not really enjoy was the music. There seemed to only be two or three songs, and they got very dull as the game went on, so much so that I frequently had to turn the sound all of the way down. This was disappointing as there were some very cool sound effects during the surgery, and they were a good guideline for whether or not the surgery was going well.

Regardless of these factors Trauma Center: Under the Knife for the Nintendo DS is probably the best game released for the console so far for its gameplay and entertainment value.

Top 10 Most Anticipated PS3 Games

Top 10 Most Anticipated PS3 Games

The list of the top 10 most anticipated PS3 games has a little extra room now that Metal Gear Solid IV and GTA IV have been released. Those were certainly 2 blockbuster titles, but there are many other hotly anticipated games worthy of a spot on the list of the top 10 most anticipated PS3 games. Many of the anticipated PS3 games are sequels, and the quality of previous installments on either the Playstation 3 or its predecessor, the PS2, have gamers hoping the developers of these games have managed to top their previous work. Will sequels dominate the list of the top 10 most anticipated PS3 games, or will we see some entries from a brand new intellectual property. Read on to find out.
10 – Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Any game featuring the money-printing Star Wars license is going to have a huge built-in fan base, and those fans have managed to help The Force Unleashed edge out the competition on this list of the top 10 most anticipated PS3 games. Console exclusives are becoming rarer and rare, and this game is no exception, releasing on all the major consoles this fall.

9 – Rock Band 2

First Guitar Hero grabbed the attention of gamers everywhere, releasing an addictive party game that allowed gamers to unleash their inner rock star. The original Rock Band took it to the next level, adding drums, a bass guitar and a mic to really emulate the experience of playing in a band. Not content to split the market, these two music game behemoths will continue to duel it out, with the Guitar Hero franchise adding other instruments to try and steal some of Rock Band’s thunder. However, with Rock Band 2, Activision plans to capture even more of the market from the Guitar Hero franchise, and the marketing machine is in full hype mode, revealing Rock Band 2’s new Fender Stratocaster guitar. Wannabe rock stars everywhere rejoice. It is going to be a fun autumn.

8 – WipEout HD

This super-popular futuristic racing series has a cult following, and PS3 owners everywhere are itching to get their hands on this title. With an exhilarating sense of speed, gorgeous looking visuals, and gameplay that is incredibly fun, WipEout HD is an easy selection for the list of the top 10 most anticipated PS3 games.

7 – Resident Evil 5

After seeing what Capcom did graphically with Resident Evil 4 on the Nintendo Gamecube and PS2 during the last console generation, gamers are drooling in anticipation just how disturbingly realistic the 5th installment of this survival horror series will be with the horsepower of the PS3 to work with. Resident Evil 4 was one of the highest rated games of the last generation, and early game trailers of Resident Evil 5 look jaw-droppingly gorgeous and it is unlikely that the horde of fans that are anticipating the release of this game won’t be disappointed.

6 – Resistance 2

Number 6 on the list of the top 10 most anticipated PS3 games is the sequel to the PS3’s most favorably reviewed launch titles. The original Resistance was one of the few bright lights of the PS3 launch, when media and gamers alike were bashing it for its steep price and its dearth of quality launch titles. With incredible graphics, a gripping plot, and a very versatile multiplayer mode, Resistance gained legions of fans, all of whom are anxiously awaiting this sequel.

5 – Motorstorm 2

Motorstorm was another launch title for the PS3, and found its way into many living rooms as part of a bundle with certain versions of the console. Motorstorm wasn’t just a throw-in however. It is a fully featured off-road racing game that is insanely fun to play, and features some of the best graphics in any next generation console game to date. It is no wonder that its sequel earns a spot on the list of the top 10 most anticipated PS3 games. Gameplay trailers reveal that Motorstorm 2 has taken the gorgeous graphics of its predecessor to an even higher level, abandoning the brown dust and mud of the first game for vibrant green jungles.

4 – Gran Turismo 5

One of Sony’s most popular series, and a cash cow throughout the years on the original Playstation, PS2, and now the PS3. Gran Turismo 5: Prologue has already given racing fanatics a taste of what is to come, and now they are nearly mad with anticipation of getting their hands on GT5. With graphics so real you’d swear you were watching a race on TV, and enough customization to satisfy even the most demanding tweaker, Gran Turismo 5 is going to have racing fans lining up to purchase a copy.

3 – LittleBigPlanet

Something refreshing original in this list of sequels and movie tie-ins adds some much needed spice to this list of the top 10 most anticipated PS3 games. Media Molecule is the development studio behind this curious, but gorgeous-looking little puzzle platformer. Players are given an unprecedented amount of control in the game, interacting with objects in order to overcome the obstacles and enemies in their way. With real time physics, and fun and quirky gameplay mechanics this game looks like crazy, addictive fun, and is easily one of the most anticipated games on the console.

2 – Killzone 2

Ever since that controversial CGI footage was shown leading up to the PS3’s launch, gamers everywhere have been anxiously anticipating this title, eager to see if the visuals in-game are as jaw-dropping as the trailer was. Debates have ranged on blogs and forums all over the internet as to the validity of the graphics, but if the graphics are even close to what was demonstrated then Killzone 2 will easily be the best looking console game in history.

1 – Final Fantasy XIII

None other than the upcoming chapter Square Enix’s enormously popular fantasy RPG series is at the helm of this list of the top 10 most anticipated PS3 games. For more than 2 decades the Final Fantasy series has been delighting gamers, and in recent years much of Sony’s success can be attributed to their negotiation of exclusivity deals with Square Enix. Final Fantasy XIII looks like it will be the greatest installment yet, and you can bet that gamers, particularly in Japan, will be lining up to grab this game when it is released in 2009.

Team Fortress 2 Medic: Using Your Other Weapons

Since knowing how to use your weapons properly is vital to becoming a good medic, it’s recommended you get familiar with each one by learning how they were designed to be used. The three main weapons are:
• Medi-Gun

• Bone Saw

• Syringe Gun.

If you are successful at completing the Medic Achievements you also have the opportunity to unlock alternate weapons. Learning to use these weapons properly will help you become more than just a heal bot in the game. You will be able to defend yourself when you’re under attack and even play offensively when the situation calls for it.

Great TF2 medics learn to do more than just stand around with their uber charge on someone. They also know how to get the full potential out of all of their weapons.

Part of playing a great medic in TF2 requires learning to use all of your weapons properly. This also includes the new unlockable weapons that you get from achievements or as a random unlock from playing.

Once you’ve completed the Medic Achievements you can unlock other weapons that can prove to be quite useful. There are thirty-six achievements in all and as a specific number of these are completed one of the three weapons will be unlocked and you can replace it with one of your existing weapons.

The Ubersaw was designed to replace the Bone Saw after the Medic completes twenty-two of the achievements. Each time your Ubersaw makes a hit your meter will charge twenty-five percent. However, you need to be aware that it will swing twenty percent slower than the Bone Saw does.

After completing ten achievements the Blutsauger will be made available to replace the Syringe Gun. It will not allow you to perform any critical hits but for each needle that hits the enemy you will receive three HP’s.

Completing sixteen achievements will unlock the Kritzkrieg weapon, which was designed to replace the Ubercharge. With this weapon you have the ability to give one of your teammates a ten second 100 percent critical hit rate. It doesn’t make you or another player invincible but it will charge faster than the Medi-Gun by twenty-five percent.

The Kritz is often given to soldiers to provide 100% critical rockets and it’s also fun to give to heavies.

Even though these weapons are designed to replace existing weapons you still have the option of switching back and forth between them simply by accessing the menu.

Onslaught:: The Best WiiWare Game

Onslaught is a first person shooter for wiiware developed by Hudson Soft. It is something no one ever imagined, since most wiiware games have to be real simple. At first sight, the games appear to be rushed and poorly developed, but as you advance through the game, things start to change.
You are a soldier who was sent to a planet to check a signal received from a lost ship containing experimental creatures. It has no videos to accompany the narrative, and everything is told through blocks of text. This makes the story poor, and undeveloped, but this is unimportant for this game.

This is a mission-based game. You start with 3 missions to choose from, all of them very clear and simple. It could be reaching certain point, protecting a base, or killing certain enemies. It sounds simple, the objectives are simples, but playing through it is the real challenge.

Before starting a mission, you can customize your game with different features, as could be: changing the position of your army, adjusting the sensibility of the wiimote, adjusting the level of the volume. I consider this to be a nice addition to the game.

Now let’s talk about the gameplay, which is the most prominent feature of the game. Onslaught is an action game, there are no puzzles, it is all about shooting enemies with the wiimote. An amazing experience, I must add, the wiimote is particularly precise in this game, and it is customizable to comply with your needs.

Action is good. If you get too close to an enemy and you kill him, his blood will spill all around your screen blocking your mission, and you will have to repeatedly move the nunchuk in order to get it off. Also, moving the stick repeatedly to any direction will cause the character to perform an evasive movement, which will place him in the desired position. This can be done only a few times.

The graphics are stunning. Not at the level of a normal Wii game, but still to be a wiiware game the graphics are impressive. It is a full 3D game with nice textures, even though the scenarios do not change that much, most of the time it is just pure rock. The same happens with the characters; they are just the same model with some changes. Still, I enjoyed this aspect of the game; this kind of graphics inspires me.

Finally, I must add that the best part of this game is the online feature. I love cooperative games, and this is one of the best cooperatives games I have ever played. Teaming up with some friends and killing an unimaginable number of mutants, while thinking on how to survive, makes this game a must.

Review of the NVIDIA 790i

Nvidia 790i

We are now going to be talking about the Nvidia 790i and what kind of power supply you’re going to need for a system like this. The cream of the crop here is the EVGA nForce 790i Ultra Tri-SLI motherboard and it has everything you can imagine on it. It’s got all the standard nForce7 features which we haven’t covered much of. PCI Express 2.0 was added on the nForce7 as opposed to the nForce6 which uses PCI Express 1.0. You get double the bandwidth with PCI-E 2.0 and support for the 45nm quad core CPUs which were not supported on the 680i. This is included on all the nForce7 boards. You also have support for ESA, which is the Enthusiast System Architecture. It is a system health monitor that checks your temperatures and fan speeds. For full support you do need a compatible computer case, a power supply, and a CPU cooler that all support the ESA technology. These would include products such as the CoolIT Freezone Elite and the SilverStone TJ10.
You’ve got one more expansion slot on the 790i and it is a PCI Express x1 connector. The reason for that is if you actually had 3 graphics cards on the 780i, you’d have no available expansion slots remaining unless you’re using cards designed for water cooling. As for other features, a big one is support for DDR3. The extreme overclockers and hardcore gamers are switching to DDR3 and the 790i is the only SLI platform that supports it. The 790i has all the other features of the other boards, but also has PCI Express 2.0, Tri-SLI, and DDR3 support up to speeds of 2000MHz. Be warned though, that speed is only supported on certain modules so do select your memory carefully. The 790i also has eSATA at the back I/O panel which means you can plug an external SATA hard drive into it. There is coaxial digital sound output at the back, and one more internal SATA port than the 780i board. So it has coaxial and digital optical output, where as the 780i and 750i only have digital optical. There is also a beefier north bridge cooler on the 790i. These are the main differences between the boards.

So if you are running three graphics cards, a high powered motherboard and CPU, you’re going to need a serious power supply to boot. The Corsair HX1000W Modular Power Supply is perfect for use with these boards and is the only kilo watt power supply to be certified by Nvidia for use with the Tri-SLI technology. It is cooled by a 120mm fan and uses two independent power rails. Even though a lot of power supplies use two rails, this one in particular is basically two separate power supplies in one enclosure. One of them provides the 12-volt rail 1, and the 5-volt rail. The other provides the 12-volt rail 2 and the 3.3-volt rail. Each of these power supplies is a 500 watt power supply giving you the combined 1000. It is surprisingly quiet as the fan doesn’t even come on until 500 watts of power is being used. It uses a modular design. The pre-attached cables are your 24-pin motherboard cable, 8-pin EPS 12-volt, and two PCI-E 6+2-pin connectors that are compatible with 6-pin or 4-pin PCI-E video cards. If you’ve got two more graphics cards, you can plug in the optional PCI-E cables into the modular array. It also comes with two more 8-pin cables and two more 6-pin cables. If you do need to plug in 6 PCI-E cables, like you would need if using the 3 card SLI setup on the 790i board, then you can send a request to Corsair and they will send you the additional cables to make sure that the PSU will power whatever you need.

So the 790i is the ultimate platform combined with the ultimate PSU. The most powerful graphics solution that you can get with three graphics cards on one motherboard.

Hacking a Snapchat account

Snapchat Hacks – Are they still around?

Snapchat was released in 2011, and started out as a small app used mainly be teenagers to send temporary photos to one another. However, since then Snapchat has attracted millions of users and as a result it has become one of the most popular apps in the world. In fact, Snapchat is so popular that Google offered to pay $30 billion for the app. But, Snapchat has had its growth spurts. There have been several Snapchat hacks in the past which have received extensive media coverage. However, recently it seems like there hasn’t been as much media coverage about Snapchat hacks or leaked Snapchat images. I was curious whether the issue with the hacks had been solved, or maybe the media simply lost interest. In this blog post I will do research about Snapchat Hacks, are they still around?

Is it possible to hack a Snapchat account?

I was wondering whether it was possible to hack an account. Naturally I started my research by searching on Google for a Snapchat Hack. It didn’t take long for me to find one on http://snaphackspy.com. However, simply finding one is not enough, I had to actually try the website out myself to see if Snapchat Hacks were still a thing. Of course, I did not want to use my own account as a test dummy, so I signed up for a new account. With this new account I tested out the Snapchat hack. On their website they claim that you only need to enter the username of the Snapchat account, and you will be shown the password that belongs to it. In addition, they claim to reveal all the Snaps that have been sent and received from the account.

However, once I completed the human verification I was not actually shown the images and videos I had sent through the account. The page didn’t seem to unlock, maybe they were having issues with their service, but so far I was disappointed and my quest continued.

Leaked Snapchat

Another thing I had heard about was the existance of large scale leaked Snapchat databases. These are a relatively new phenomenon, and haven’t received as much news coverage. What these leaked Snapchat databases basically do is collect all the leaks from hacked Snapchat accounts and put them together. You can then search for a username and if the user has had their pictures leaked in the past they will be revealed to you. This seemed a lot more realistic to me, so I decided to give this a try as well. Of course I could not use a dummy account to test this service, so I decided to try it out with my personal account.

To my surprise, it appeared like some of my Snaps had actually been leaked in the past. They were old Snaps, and they didn’t contain anything sensative, but it was still quite a strange feeling that my private images were laid bare, for everyone to see.


Tips on Generating Traffic to Your Webpage for Free

How to drive traffic to your webpage

Viral advertising is one of the most commonly used forms of online advertising, though few people realize it and take advantage of it. Think of how many times you’ve given a friend of yours the link to a cool site you’ve found–probably more than you can remember.
First and foremost, you need to get your site out there. It doesn’t have to be targeted; traffic is traffic. And at least part of that traffic will stop and seeing what your site’s about.

Once you’ve got your name out there, you can target a bit more. This is best done through paid services such as AdBrite or Google’s Adwords program. But paying is not the idea here.

A few tricks include:

1) Putting the link to your site in the signature of your emails. Most email programs have this feature, but very, very few people choose to use it. Think of how many emails you send in a day; it may or may not be quite a few. But either way, when someone reads your email, all the way through, their eyes will be drawn to that little link under your last words. Since you seem reasonable enough of a person, they may even click on it.

2) Putting the link to your site in your signature on forums. And be creative about it. There’s nothing interesting or intriguing about reading a “My Site” hyperlink that links to one’s site. Try to get a banner, if the site will let you. If they won’t let you use a banner, use italics, bolded words, underlines, spacing, colors, size of fonts, fonts, and plays on words as much as you can to draw interest. Furthermore: use forums. There should be at least a couple of forums that you visit regularly and post on. Interestingly, one could conceivably combine the use of MyLot.com with the idea of advertising in one’s signature to generate a bit of money whilst advertising for their site. Just be careful to not make it spam-ish.

3) If your friends have sites, ask them if they’d like to affiliate with you. That is, you put a link to their site on your site, and they put a link to your site on theirs. This can generate quite a bit of traffic, especially if your sites have similar content.

4) Link to your site in your AIM profile, MSN profile, YIM profile, and any other profile you have. Again, be creative with your profile. Or…not. Sometimes an clever lack of creativity, ala the bluntness routine, can be equally effective.

5) Have content on your site that people will want to share with their friends. And make it as exclusive as possible. Make it funny, catchy, strange, unique, or inspiring of a “WTF?” reaction. An even more interesting trick is to not use your own bandwidth on hosting this content–but that’s another story.

Good luck, fellow webmaster!

The Power of Flowcharts in IT Audits of Critical Applications

A flowchart can be an effective tool for auditing critical business systems and applications such as enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) and service oriented architecture (SOA) systems. Our objective as IT auditors is to get a clear view of the risks and controls in the technology being reviewed.
Wikipedia defines a flowchart as a type of diagram that represents an algorithm or process that shows data and its movement usually with arrows. The flowchart is used widely for analysis, design, documentation and process management.

Auditors can use flowcharts to visually display business processes and the supporting technology. Different aspects of data flows and infrastructure can be emphasized depending on the risks and controls being reviewed.

Events that can be captured in a flowchart include data inputs from a file or database, decision points, logical processing and output to a file or report. Risks and controls in a business process can be documented visually and analyzed.

The traditional shapes used in flowcharts were developed long ago by IBM and other pioneers of information technology. The four basic shapes that are widely used are the square, used for a process (e.g. add, replace, save); a square with a wavy base, used for a document; a diamond, used for a decision point (e.g. yes/no, true/false); and a sideways cylinder, used for data storage (e.g. database).

Other important symbols are start and end symbols represented by circles, ovals or rounded rectangles. Arrows are used to show ‘flow control’ where control passes from a source symbol to a target symbol. A parallelogram is used to represent input and output e.g. data entry from a form, display to user.

In creating flowcharts, there are some basic rules to follow. Start and end points should be clearly defined. The level of detail documented in the flowchart should be appropriate to the subject matter covered. The creator of the flowchart should have a clear understanding of the process and the intended audience should be able to follow the flowchart easily.

In our experience as IT auditors, Microsoft Visio is the best tool for creating flowcharts and analyzing business processes. There are usually vertical columns representing different phases that are part of an overall business process. Interfaces between departments that are automated or manual can be shown.

Flowcharts can also be used to clarify controls on data inputs, processing and outputs. Input controls may consist of edit and validation checks. Processing controls may consist of control totals or milestones. Output controls may consist of error checking and reconciliations. An auditor can then identify areas within a business process with weak or non-existent controls.

An example of technology where flowchart analysis is especially useful is enterprise resource planning software such as Oracle e-Business Suite and SAP. There are input controls made up of specific ‘rules’ to ensure the validity of data. There are process controls on high-risk functions, transactions or forms. There are output controls such as reports and reconciliations.

Another example of complex technology that can be understood through flowcharts is service oriented architecture (SOA). This architecture consists of many web and software components that are integrated to connect service providers with service consumers. ‘Web services’ support specific business processes. Each of these web services will generally have controls on data inputs, processing and output. The flowchart is essential to understand such web services and their integration in a broader environment usually through an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

In conclusion, a flowchart can be used by IT auditors to analyze a business process. Different aspects of the process can be emphasized such as risks, controls, interfaces, decision points, technology infrastructure and components. The famous expression of a picture is equal to a thousand words is accurate. A flowchart can capture essential points that verbiage and text cannot easily match. We encourage the IT audit, risk and control communities to use this powerful tool in performing their respective functions.

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