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Team Fortress 2 Medic: Using Your Other Weapons

Since knowing how to use your weapons properly is vital to becoming a good medic, it’s recommended you get familiar with each one by learning how they were designed to be used. The three main weapons are:
• Medi-Gun

• Bone Saw

• Syringe Gun.

If you are successful at completing the Medic Achievements you also have the opportunity to unlock alternate weapons. Learning to use these weapons properly will help you become more than just a heal bot in the game. You will be able to defend yourself when you’re under attack and even play offensively when the situation calls for it.

Great TF2 medics learn to do more than just stand around with their uber charge on someone. They also know how to get the full potential out of all of their weapons.

Part of playing a great medic in TF2 requires learning to use all of your weapons properly. This also includes the new unlockable weapons that you get from achievements or as a random unlock from playing.

Once you’ve completed the Medic Achievements you can unlock other weapons that can prove to be quite useful. There are thirty-six achievements in all and as a specific number of these are completed one of the three weapons will be unlocked and you can replace it with one of your existing weapons.

The Ubersaw was designed to replace the Bone Saw after the Medic completes twenty-two of the achievements. Each time your Ubersaw makes a hit your meter will charge twenty-five percent. However, you need to be aware that it will swing twenty percent slower than the Bone Saw does.

After completing ten achievements the Blutsauger will be made available to replace the Syringe Gun. It will not allow you to perform any critical hits but for each needle that hits the enemy you will receive three HP’s.

Completing sixteen achievements will unlock the Kritzkrieg weapon, which was designed to replace the Ubercharge. With this weapon you have the ability to give one of your teammates a ten second 100 percent critical hit rate. It doesn’t make you or another player invincible but it will charge faster than the Medi-Gun by twenty-five percent.

The Kritz is often given to soldiers to provide 100% critical rockets and it’s also fun to give to heavies.

Even though these weapons are designed to replace existing weapons you still have the option of switching back and forth between them simply by accessing the menu.

Onslaught:: The Best WiiWare Game

Onslaught is a first person shooter for wiiware developed by Hudson Soft. It is something no one ever imagined, since most wiiware games have to be real simple. At first sight, the games appear to be rushed and poorly developed, but as you advance through the game, things start to change.
You are a soldier who was sent to a planet to check a signal received from a lost ship containing experimental creatures. It has no videos to accompany the narrative, and everything is told through blocks of text. This makes the story poor, and undeveloped, but this is unimportant for this game.

This is a mission-based game. You start with 3 missions to choose from, all of them very clear and simple. It could be reaching certain point, protecting a base, or killing certain enemies. It sounds simple, the objectives are simples, but playing through it is the real challenge.

Before starting a mission, you can customize your game with different features, as could be: changing the position of your army, adjusting the sensibility of the wiimote, adjusting the level of the volume. I consider this to be a nice addition to the game.

Now let’s talk about the gameplay, which is the most prominent feature of the game. Onslaught is an action game, there are no puzzles, it is all about shooting enemies with the wiimote. An amazing experience, I must add, the wiimote is particularly precise in this game, and it is customizable to comply with your needs.

Action is good. If you get too close to an enemy and you kill him, his blood will spill all around your screen blocking your mission, and you will have to repeatedly move the nunchuk in order to get it off. Also, moving the stick repeatedly to any direction will cause the character to perform an evasive movement, which will place him in the desired position. This can be done only a few times.

The graphics are stunning. Not at the level of a normal Wii game, but still to be a wiiware game the graphics are impressive. It is a full 3D game with nice textures, even though the scenarios do not change that much, most of the time it is just pure rock. The same happens with the characters; they are just the same model with some changes. Still, I enjoyed this aspect of the game; this kind of graphics inspires me.

Finally, I must add that the best part of this game is the online feature. I love cooperative games, and this is one of the best cooperatives games I have ever played. Teaming up with some friends and killing an unimaginable number of mutants, while thinking on how to survive, makes this game a must.